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The VIGIR is the solution for anyone who wants to have mobile Internet, WiFi and IPv6 in one box. VIGIR is a powerful and versatile device that you can easily customize for your project with add-ons such as…

  • USB Camera 
  • Temerature sensor
  • storage server 

Price: 250 CHF

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The VIWIB is the bigger sister of our VIIRB. Compared to the VIIRB, VIWIB has 2 Ethernet ports and a reliable WiFi. It can be used as everything VIIRB can be used, and more. Such as...

  • IPv6 only Wifi

  • IPv6-only LAN

  • Dual stack LAN

...and more. Includes 1 year IPv6 VPN subscripion for free.

Price: 68 CHF

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VIIRB: VPN IPv6 IoT Router Box

The VIIRB connects anything anywhere with IPv6! It is pre-configured with a Wireguard VPN. It can be used as...

  • IPv6 on the go

  • IPv6 world wide reachable audio system

  • A BGP router

  • A hacking box

  • IPv6 Camera

  • IPv6 Thermometer

  • LTE/4G Router

  • GPS Tracker

...and more! Plug and play IPv6 with VIIRB! Includes 1 year IPv6 VPN subscription for free.

VIIRB is discontinued and is replaced by VIWIB


IPv6 VPN with /48 network

Your own IPv6 network routed via Wireguard. Valid for 1 year.

Price: 120 CHF/year for subscription, 30 CHF one-time set up fee

FREE for all our existing VM customers.

Order VPN Subscription Here

30 CHF one-time set up fee



- IPv4 internet reachable through our NAT64 gateway

- You have full control over rDNS settings.

- Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

- Located in Switzerland, at a data center run by 100% renewable energy 

- Supports Alpine Linux, Archlinux, Ubuntu, Devuan, Debian, CentOS, OpenBSD and FreeBSD

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IPv4-to-IPv6 Proxy

If you have services running on IPv6 and want them to be accessible, we provide you with a proxy that handles the following protocols:

  • http
  • https
  • imaps

Price: 60 CHF/year

FREE for all our existing VM or VPN customers. 

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PIB: Pro IPv6 Box

PIB is a ready-to-go IPv6 Box for professionals: like the VIIRB, the PIB is designed to provide IPv6 connectivity for you. It features Gigabit Ethernet and up to 4 GB RAM at a very low energy consumption. It creates a VPN to ungleich and distributes IPv6 addresses to all your computers. Just plug it in, no setup required. Includes 1 year IPv6 VPN subscription for free.

Price: 300 CHF 

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IPv6 Penguin T-shirt

Meet our IPv6 penguin t-shirt: clean, fun, and no hassle. Just like IPv6. Our t-shirt is made of 100% cotton. You can choose the size from S to XL. Unisex fit. Front: I <3 IPv6, back: our adorable IPv6 penguin. These shirts are original design and are limited edition, grab them when they're still around.

Price: 50 CHF

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I Love IPv6 sticker

Show your support for IPv6 everywhere you go with our original design IPv6 stickers! Size: 6.0cm x 6.2cm,

Price: 20 CHF/5 pcs

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